Another Revolution in the Making via Facebook

Will 2011 be a revolutionary year

Only just weeks ago, a dictator was overthrown. And now it has inspired people from another oppressive regime to stand up for their real freedoms.

Protesters in Egypt

Protesters in Egypt at night

This time it’s Egypt.

What was amazing was that the organizers of the protest used Facebook.

Facebook is an open book. Facebook and privacy don’t go hand in hand.

Social media was used during the Iranian elections back in 2009. The so-called “Green Revolution”, “Green Wave or Sea of Green”. It was also nicknamed the “Twitter Revolution”.

That frizzled out. It resulted in a devastating defeat for Iran’s opposition. It was later found out the CIA & Mossad were behind it.

Now the tables have turned. As demonstrated by CIA, the people used Facebook to organize the protests.

Another US puppet regime is being rocked to its very foundation. In an unconfirmed report, the son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak, has reportedly fled Egypt for the UK with his family.

Another video:

The demonstration is still ongoing. And the protesters are getting more defiant.

The irony is that the very tool created by US, Facebook, are now being used to organize the protests of the US-backed regime in Egypt.

I wonder where is the so-called “Peacekeeping Forces”?

Let’s hope Egyptians succeed and let us all pray that not another dictator takes over.


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