Leadership or Lackeys

Fast unofficial response

How long did the official channels react to Singapore MM Lee remarks? He made the remark last Sunday on the 23rd and the reply from the government came only on Friday.

On Friday 28th January 2011, Berita Harian finally acknowledged the issue. And this piece of news have been going around the Internet nearly immediately after the report was filed in by AFP. 1,583 people have shared the article on Facebook.

A Facebook called “Islam isn’t a hindrance to national integration. MM Lee, apologise” was set up. As at Sunday, there are already 769 people liking the page. Could be more after you read this post.

The Malaysian response was fast with a lot of websites articulating their views. In Malaysia they tell it as it is.

A Truely Multi-Racial Friendship

Singapore Multi-racial integration

Singapore’s Official Channels

Officials from Singapore finally responded and gave their views.

The response from MUIS was a non-answer; it wasn’t even answered by the mufti. From Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs, it was self-serving.

Initially I thought there was some gumption in him. After reading again the article, I just realized that he didn’t disagree. He was trying to excuse his boss for the remarks.

It was very disingenuous way of him by saying that he didn’t agree with his boss, MM Lee and explaining it away that MM Lee was describing a “worst-case scenario”.

The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) response was more spirited, although it took them 4 days to issue a statement.

Local association of Muslim scholars, PERDAUS, also expressed it as “unfair and unacceptable”. Though, unfortunately, I couldn’t find their actual statement on their website.

The Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura (PKMS) aka Singapore Malay National Organisation issued a statement condemning and asking Lee Kuan Yew to be investigated under ISA.

That was a lot of smoke from PKMS. They should instead make a police report and issue a statement about it. That would have carried more weight.

PKMS is not really desirable as the Malay community representation. They can’t even have their house in order.

Did the Internet play a part

In a way I think it did. The local print media, from Straits Times to Berita Harian, didn’t even carry the article from Monday to Thursday. It was only on Friday 28th January 2011, the reports appeared. And Berita Harian tries to placate readers after the fact.

On the internet, there was a lot of unhappiness. Actually I have set-up this blog some time back. It was a private blog. I was just thinking of what will be the theme or focus of the blog.

My first public post was about MM Lee statement.

To me, it seemed that the official response was reacting to the internet. It could be a big mistake. See what happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

The print media as well as the PAP government in Singapore should be ahead of the curve. Do they really think that by not printing it in the papers, alternative views doesn’t exist?

Malay/Muslim leadership? More like lackeys to me rather than leadership.

What about the man himself? Did he apologize?

Off course not. He’s the so-called “founding father” of Singapore and he is entitled to his own view.

And by the way, the races in Singapore have always been well-integrated and she’s a cosmopolitan city way before PAP came into power.

In 1938, “no less than 26 languages are used in conducting normal business” at 03:20:


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4 responses to “Leadership or Lackeys”

  1. Mohd Nazem Suki says :

    Sir, reference to your para 7,8 and 9. If your good self were able to get the record straight. In para 7, it was our reference. In para 8, your good self did not complete the full cycle of PKMS follow up action thereafter, instead you stop at a proposal. In para 9, it was a long overdue history of housekeeping in PKMS. PKMS is healthy, wealthy and in order, but it was the great media play around the government politics of divide and rule. On record, it was not recorded. My advise to your good self sir, is get the facts correct instead of hearsay. I wish your good comment to be reliable, be a good sport. Appreciate your views and comments from the perimeter. Yours truly.

    • Gazali says :

      Off course, I do wish PKMS the best. And as usual, the government and the compliant SPH will always try the “divide and rule” tactic. The news as always is pro-government.
      My advise would be to use social media to its full extent. Why not set-up PKMS as a Facebook Page instead of a personal profile. Use twitter. And use your web page as a blog to instantly communicate to the public.

  2. Mohd Nazem Suki says :

    By the way, the reply from PKMS was actually drafted on 21st of February 2011. The book Hard Truths was launched on that very day. AFP was not the source for our reference. Reliance on the media is not fool proof. So be self reliance and facts comes from the truth seen and heard, touch and experience, rational and logic, law, witnessed and witnessing it. So my dear brother, create and build something, not ride on something. Slander is worst than murder. Islam is simple and straight forward. Propaganda exist to make and destroy. Let us go back to the basic. Intellectuals do not mean smart or clever, but it means fair and just.

    • Gazali says :

      Thanks for the feedback. We are all victims of our own shortcomings. As usual the main stream media tries very much to vilify the opposition or those that have alternative views.
      It’s very important to get the message fast. A blog that’s regularly updated can get the message out in an instant.
      Let’s us look at all this and see how we can be united and not be divided as what the main stream media wants it to be.

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