Is Singapore a Democracy?

Do you believe that Singapore is a democracy?

This is my personal view.

The reality is, the ruling PAP maintains oppressive control over the city-state. Its latest efforts to suppress political dissent include the impending imprisonment of Dr Chee Soon Juan. What was his crime? Speaking in public.

Public speaking in Singapore requires a government permit. Actually it’s a joke. The permit is never granted freely to political opponents. The prison term effectively means Dr Chee cannot stand in this year’s parliamentary elections. That’s how the PAP government “fixes” any political dissent.

How does PAP manage political dissent:

  1. Jailing political opponents on slightest of pretexts.
  2. Sue its opponents for libel.

For example, to suggest nepotism is the reason Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has his job – after his dad held it for 31 years, are grounds for libel and you can expect to be sued.


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