The Downfall of a Dictator

How the mighty falls

An iron-fisted rule for 30 years and it took only 18 days to unravel. Hosni Mubarak a staunch US and Israeli ally finally gets booted out.

The irony

They tried to use social networking in Iran to affect “a regime change” and it didn’t work. It probably inspires others as well.

Using the very tool created by the US, the people in Egypt successfully overthrow its dictator. The tools that were supposed to watch the people, turn around and bite its masters: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube and even Google played a part.

And Israel, the only democracy, are fearful that Egypt can be a democracy.

The timeline

Here’s the timeline of what went down. Documented by the people and not by traditional media. Right now the military have taken over.

We’ll see where it leads to. Will the military finally cede control to a civilian government? Or were there back room dealings? The media are now moving in lock-step, all congratulating the Egyptian people.

An ominous quote from Egypt’s military:

We shall respect all regional, international treaties and agreements.

Crisis in Egypt Infographics
Crisis in Egypt



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