Palestine Exists

The lie that there is no such thing as Palestine

The old lie that Palestine was dry desert waiting for people are just that – a lie. The Palestinian people are being ethnically cleansed and murdered and made into refugees by the Israel.

Most of the so-called “Jews” who violently drove out 800,000 Palestinians from Palestine in 1948 were actually not Jews at all but “Europeans” (ie. descendants of the central European nation of Khazaria converted to Judaism about 850 AD).

A Jewish novelist, Arthur Koestler’s wrote a book called, The Thirteenth Tribe, in 976. Koestler reveals how the central Eurasian nation, Khazaria, converted to Judaism in 740 AD.

These 2 million Turkish warriors and traders became at least as devout as actual (Sephardic-Oriental) Jews, whose genetic lines trace back to Abraham. The Khazars soon convinced themselves that they really were authentic Jews.

Today, Koestler asserts, most “Jews” worldwide are primarily descended from these ancient Turks – not Abraham!


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