Do you still watch TV


Do you still watch TV? Do you still believe the news that’s presented? Do you follow the dramas?

I have limited my TV watching to a bare minimum. I use it to watch DVDs or some shows, though I never follow the series. I used to arrange my schedule around my favorite TV programs.

Now I don’t bother. If I missed it, so be it.

The message of TV:

  • Be a good consumer,
  • Aways obey authority,
  • You know nothing,
  • Listen only to experts,
  • be content, and,
  • Never question or express new ideas.

Full transcript here.


I remember when the first cable TV service arrived in Singapore. The salesperson excitedly told me that I have hundreds of channels to watch. At that time, there was no way you can record the shows for later viewing.

I simply told her, “I’ve only one TV and my day is packed to the gills. If I were to watch TV, when will I sleep. On weekends, I’d rather go out and enjoy myself”

That’s that.

Eventually, I did subscribed to Cable TV. And to my horror, they started broadcasting Cartoon Network 24/7. The kids was spending way too much time watching it.

Worse, the shows were repeated over and over again.

Finally, I had enough. I cancelled the contract even though there were still months to it. Off course, there is a penalty for it.

Did I miss anything

Yes, sports. Specifically football. I used to love watching football. In the beginning it was free-to-air. It was fun watching with friends that support either team.

Then it was broadcast only on cable TV. From that day, my interest dropped. They seperated it into a sports channel and you have to pay to watch.

And the subscription fees steadily increased.

Then a so-called competitor came in. They bid a ridiculously high amount for the English Premier League. Obviously, the new service got the contract.

The legions of football fans in Singapore are dumb. Most just grumble becuase they need to subscribe to another service and just did it.

To top it off, in the last Football World Cup, Fifa decided to increase its fees. Why? It argued that since a Singapore TV service can pay a very high price for the rights of EPL, they should even command the same if not higher price.

Was it the same across the region? No. The Malaysians, Indonesians and even the Chinese got to watch it for free. Their governments paid for the rights and it wasn’t exorbitant.

I decided I’m not going to pay to watch. Call me cheap or whatever, I don’t really care. Ultimately, it’s my money and not yours. I spend it on better things.

The future

Right now, I just use my LED TV to watch mostly DVDs. I don’t rely on news from the TV. I watch TV series only I happen to have some free time.

I get my news from the internet and reading from diverse sources. From independent bloggers to corporate news websites. In terms of truthfulness, independent bloggers are better at it than corporate news website.

The truth always somewhere in the middle. When you keep an open mind, the truth comes naturally.

Thankfully, Singapore have finally stopped collecting yearly TV licenses fees. Imagine that, paying a yearly license to be propagandized or be told by the government.

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