Al-Qeada fighters supporting Gaddafi courtesy of Israel

Regime Alteration

The U.S. is urging protesters from Bahrain to Morocco:

to work with existing rulers toward what some officials and diplomats are now calling “regime alteration.

Too bad, the Muslims in Middle East have to wait for democracy. The US wants only a dictator to deal with, not a fully-elected representative of the population.

After killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the name of democracy, the White House has now decided that ‘stability in the region’ is by far, much  more important.

Off course, would US dare not to support Israel? Israel have sent 50,000 mercenaries to support Colonel Gaddafi, and the best part Al-Qaeda fighters are included.

How much are these mercenaries being paid? $200 per day. The best part? These mercenaries are given immunity. Basically they can gun down anybody, armed or unarmed, men, women and children without getting prosecuted.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Libya

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