It’s just Business DDos Attacks recently came under a DDos attack on the 3rd and 4th March 2011. 18 million blogs were affected. I can’t post anything in this blog and for some other blogs that I write.

Initially it was thought that the attacks were politically motivated, given the unrest in Middle East. In this case it wasn’t.

The attacks did come from China and was directed to a single blog hosted on

According to Matt Mullenweg:

it doesn’t look like attacks were politically motivated, likely more business-oriented given the targeted site, though we still haven’t heard back from the owner.

Business as usual

Kudos to the team at Automattic for responding and mitigating the attacks. Do bear in mind that most of these blogs are hosted free. For me, I bought 2 domain names through and it cost only $25 each per year. The rest of my blogs are free.

What’s interesting is that denial of service attacks occurs every day on and 99.9% of them have no user impact.

We even have dedicated infrastructure for sites under active attack.  Some of these attacks last for months, but this allows us to keep these sites online and not put our other users at risk.

How does cope have enough hardware to cope with all these on-going attacks. According to Matt:

we’re now at 8,921 CPU cores across 2,475 physical processors, 8,200 gigabytes of memory (RAM). We’ve changed how we’ve done storage, but now that layer includes on its own 1.3 terabytes of RAM, 1.3 petabytes of storage, and 8.9 terabytes of solid state disks. (Plus Amazon S3, which we use as backup to our internal systems.) Also, we’re adding new servers constantly.

It does looks impressive. You need that kind of hardware to stop brain-dead hackers.

Why choose

We are big proponents of free speech and aim to provide a platform that supports that freedom.



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