Two Japanese Nuclear Reactors Meltdown

Not one, two nuclear meltdowns

At this moment, Japanese Officials are now operating under the presumption that TWO reactors have either already melted down or are on their way to a meltdown.

The first explosion occurred at Unit 1 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex on Saturday.

Japan have given out the warning that there’s a risk of a second explosion at Unit 3.

The critical core cooling systems have failed at both reactors.

US nuclear experts warn that pumping seawater to cool an earthquake-hit Japanese nuclear reactor is an “act of desperation” that may foreshadow a Chernobyl-like disaster.

What’s a nuclear meltdown

A nuclear meltdown is a term for a severe nuclear reactor accident that results in core damage from overheating. The term isn’t officially defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency or by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

A meltdown occurs when there’s a severe failure of a nuclear power plant system preventing proper cooling of the reactor core. The nuclear fuel assemblies overheat and melt.

It’s considered very serious because of the potential that radioactive materials could be released into the environment. Where the radiation will spread depends on wind conditions.

A core meltdown will also render the reactor unstable until it is repaired.

Nuclear power in Indonesia

The Indonesian government expressed readiness to use nuclear energy for various purposes, including for nuclear power plant or nuclear reactor.

Indonesia sits on the so-called “Ring of fire”. She’s prone to getting earthquakes. The latest earthquake in Indonesia occurred on March 12, 2011 at 08:45:29 UTC at Kepulauan Babar with a magnitude of 5.0.

If the Indonesians build a nuclear power plant and if there’s a natural disaster, I’m sure all of us in South-East Asia will be affected.

Indonesians are really not big on environmental issues; nearly every year we have haze coming from Kalimantan. Their gas drilling caused mud flows and up to today, the mud is still flowing out. The Citarun river have the dubious honor of being the most polluted in the world.

And I wonder will the nuclear power plant be staffed by well-trained workers since corruption is rampant over there.

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