Safety measures failures in Fukushima NPP 1

The Fukushima NPP #1 have 3 safety measures to prevent a meltdown.

Video shows how the Fukushima NPP operates and how the safety measures failed. The stress of the earthquake probably cracked the containment unit or the pipes. The use of MOX fuel probably weakens the reactor.

The power plant have been in operation since the 70s and nearing the end of its life. It was initially scheduled for shutdown in early 2011. In February 2011, Japanese regulators granted an extension of ten years for the continued operation of the reactor.

Current Situation

From Alexander Higgings blog:

  • Primary containment vessel at #4 breached.
  • Secondary containment vessel at #4 breached.
  • Cooling pond is empty.
  • Fuel rods totally melted.
  • High levels of radiation leaking.
  • Helicopters dumping water and boric acid called off due to very high radiation.
  • US has issued a 50 mile evacuation zone around the plant.

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