Tokyo’s Yellow Rain

Yellow Specks – Pollen or Radioactive Particles

It happened nearly 25 years ago. The rain water was yellow and it was due to radioactive particles spewing from the exploded Chernobyl nuclear power station.

All in all 190 tons of toxic material were expelled into the atmosphere.

According to Antonina Sergieff, who lived in Gomel, Belarus during the incident:

We all jumped in the puddles with the yellow stuff. … You don’t see (it in) the air, it doesn’t materialize. But when you see the yellow dust, you see radiation

The Russian government, at that time, told the residents it was just simply “pollen”.

Japan government says it was just “pollen”

25 years later, the same old lie was told to the Japanese people.

According to a report by Japan Times,

The ‘‘yellow rain’’ seen Wednesday in the Kanto region surrounding Tokyo was caused by pollen, not radioactive materials as many residents had worried, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Thursday.

Do you believe it? The “experts” said that there were enough pollen to cause the yellow rain.

Fukushima radioactive fallout nears Chernobyl levels

Japan’s damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima has been emitting radioactive iodine and caesium at levels approaching those seen in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident in 1986.

Austrian researchers have used a worldwide network of radiation detectors – designed to spot clandestine nuclear bomb tests – to show that iodine-131 is being released at daily levels 73 per cent of those seen after the 1986 disaster.

The daily amount of caesium-137 released from Fukushima Daiichi is around 60 per cent of the amount released from Chernobyl.


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