Are we all the real fools on April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day

Today is the 1st April aka April fools’ day. The traditional practice of this day is to play some sort of practical joke on someone and making her the “April Fool”.

The pranks performed on this day range from the simple, to the elaborate. Even newsprint and the some websites plays the prank. By the next day, most would own up. And readers would go on their merry way, and have a good laugh over it.

History of April Fools’ Day

It isn’t clear how April Fool’s Day started. There’s no exact date pinpointing the first official celebration of the holiday.

The roots of the day can be traced as far back to 16th century France, according to Christian historical books such as Encyclopedia Britannica.

Before the year 1582, the new year was celebrated for eight days, starting with the 25th of March. The celebration culminated on April 1st.

At that time, under King Charles IX, through the influence of Pope Gregory, the Christian Gregorian calendar was introduced.

New Year’s Day was then moved to the first of January.

During that time, communications were a real problem. Many didn’t receive the news for several years. As usual, most people resists change and they continue to celebrate the New Year on 1st of April.

These people were classified as “fool” by the general public and were often subject to some ridicule.

Hence, the tradition of April Fool’s Day began.

How did Muslims became the fools

There is a rumor claiming that April Fools’ Day is a celebration of the take over of Muslim Spain. In fact it’s a misrepresentation of historical facts.

The rumor further suggests that the Muslims were defeated because the Christians sent in alcohol and tobacco, to undermine the faith of Spanish Muslims.

There are two glaring mistakes here:

  1. Muslim rule in Spain ended on the 12th of January in the Christian year of 1492 A.D.
  2. Tobacco products were not even invented until after the time of the fall of Muslims in Spain.

As can be seen, April Fools’ day started only later when the Gregorian calendar was introduced.

Second, smoking of any kind did not exist in Spain until after it was brought back from the New World during King Ferdinand of Spain reign. Furthermore, tobacco use became widespread only until the 19th century.

Will the rest become the real fools next

Regardless of what your beliefs, an April Fools’ day joke today is in poor taste. Across the globe, there are lots of people suffering.

In Japan, the nuclear disaster may affect millions over the years; the Middle East is now on fire. From Libya to Yemen to Bahrain.

The people of Palestine are still facing genocide by Israel. Gaza is blockaded.  The nuclear aircraft carriers CVN65 Enterprise and CVN70 Carl Vinson is in the Straits of Hormuz, within striking distance of Iran.

In two weeks time, George Soros is going to reorganize the entire global economic system.

Is something big coming up? Are the events connected somehow?


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