Graphic Visuals on Fukushima NPP

And you though it was just a small little explosion

If you relied on news about Fukushima NPP nuclear disaster only from the main stream media and Japanese officials, you would have thought that it’s manageable.

Just your run-of-the-mill explosion.

Here are the visuals on how bad the situation is. Do remember, it’s a nuclear power plant. Even if there’s no fire or smoke, radiation could be leaking and in fact it is.

The Chernobyl nuclear accident happened 25 years ago. Radiation is a “gift” that keeps on “giving”.

The German wild boars roam in forest nearly 1,500km away from Chernobyl. Even at that distance, the tissues in German wild boars have radioactive cesium-137, often dozen of times beyond the recommended limit for consumption and thousands of times above normal.

Extensive damage of Fukushima NPP Unit 3

Click for bigger imageDamaged Fukushima NPP Unit 3 & 4

Damaged Fukushima NPP Unit 3 & 4

More pictures of Fukushima NPP in Hi-Res.

Extreme Radiation found 40 km away from Fukushima

Maximum Annual Dose In Few Days! Why is the Japanese government not declaring an evacuation zone of at least 100 km away?

Professor Christopher Busby, of the European Committee on Radiation Risks said that the exclusion zone should be expanded to 100 km.

Why is the Japanese government not declaring an exclusion zone of 100 km?

The reason for the continuing radiation leaks

The nuclear fuel pool have no water. The nuclear fuel racks are exposed. The rods are melted and spewing radioactive materials.

What about the water that they are pouring in? It simply evaporates because the rods are hot and in meltdown stage.

SOS from Minami Soma City, next to Fukushima NPP

Message from the Mayor of Minami-Soma City filmed on March 24, 2011. The mayor himself talks of how the city lacks supplies and how there are no means to deliver the supplies to the citizens evacuating at home.

And Singapore wants to join the nuclear club.


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