You don’t know Shit from Shinola

Shit from Shinola

Do you know Shit from Shinola

What does it mean? It’s a phrase that means:

Possessing poor judgment or knowledge.

It’s a colloquialism which dates back to the early 1940s in the United States.

Shinola is a once-popular, now-defunct shoe polish brand, which had a color and texture not unlike feces; the joke in the idiom being that only a stupid person could confuse the two upon more than a passing glance.

How many of us right now have good judgment or knowledge? We are constantly bombarded by disinfo and propaganda.

Take Libya for example. Even reputable news media are on it. They believed in the rebels and want to see a “popular revolt”.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, hell-bent on destroying Israel.

Yet Israel commits daily acts of terrorism.

“Freedom”, “democracy” and “humanitarian aid” are keywords to occupation, bombardment and killing of civilians.

Our greatest enemy is our own cowardice, ignorance and greed; too many of us want to sit at the same table with these brigands, too many of us want to frolic in the spotlights like performing seals, too many of us don’t know shit from Shinola and we couldn’t be more proud of the fact, too many of us want to work on the banks of the tributaries of the river of darkness that flows from the dreadful vacancy, where the souls of these misanthrope once resided.

Would we be able to know shit from Shinola?


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