Do you believe your Government

Are Governments truthful

Are Governments Truthful

It’s a simple question. Do you believe that your government are truthful? Throughout history, it has been shown, without fail, governments will always lie to its people.

Why do they do it? What do people in power wants more?

Think about it.

You have everything and can buy anything. Do you need anything else? This is the part that the majority can’t comprehend.

With that ability you have a sense of power. You know that, with the right amount of money, you can get the masses to say right when it’s actually left.

What do most people in power wants more? It’s not money. Money is simply the points or scoring system.

It is simply more power.

That’s why governments will always not be truthful because of the fear that they may lose the power over you.

Michael Rivero Government Lies Presentation

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