What’s it all about?

It’s about hav­ing a nat­ural propen­sity for judg­ment based on observ­able phe­nom­ena and unin­flu­enced by emo­tions or per­sonal prejudices. Uninfluenced by self-serving agen­das of gov­ern­ments or other interest.

It’s about seeing the world as it is.

It’s about human­ity and human rights, injus­tice and oppres­sion and intolerance.

It’s about ques­tion­ing dog­mas and unre­lent­ing pro­pa­ganda by those in power.

If you think gov­ern­ments are about tak­ing care of you; just ask the Native Americans.

Nothing is sacred. Facts and truths will always hold up against scrutiny, false­hoods will always crum­ble by questions.

If you do not agree, with my point of view, you can:

  • Engage in a stim­u­lat­ing debate by com­ment­ing and tack­ling the issues, or
  • Keep an open mind and con­tinue read­ing with­out doing any­thing, or
  • Get your own soap­box (blog), or
  • Not come here anymore.

It’s your pre­rog­a­tive, as it’s as much as mine.

There’s nothing to apologize for.


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