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Occupy the World #ows

We are the 99% #ows

It’s time to occupy the world

Governments are to serve the people and not people serving governments.

It’s time that we, the 99%, give the 1% the boot. Read More…


How Money Is Used to Enslave Nations

Money Slavery

Enslaving Countries with Money

Capitalism have gone virulent. It’s a cancerous growth in all societies all over the world.

It is enslaving nearly everyone.

Are you really free?

If you depend on a job, then you’re already a slave. Read More…

Do you believe your Government

Are Governments truthful

Are Governments Truthful

It’s a simple question. Do you believe that your government are truthful? Throughout history, it has been shown, without fail, governments will always lie to its people.

Why do they do it? What do people in power wants more?

Think about it. Read More…

You don’t know Shit from Shinola

Shit from Shinola

Do you know Shit from Shinola

What does it mean? It’s a phrase that means:

Possessing poor judgment or knowledge.

It’s a colloquialism which dates back to the early 1940s in the United States.

Shinola is a once-popular, now-defunct shoe polish brand, which had a color and texture not unlike feces; the joke in the idiom being that only a stupid person could confuse the two upon more than a passing glance. Read More…

Where do Dictators Run to

In exile

Where do ousted an ousted leader of a country runs to? Here’s an infographic of the (in)famous escapees.

Click for BIGGER imageThe Exit Plan Infographics

The Exit Plan

Are we all the real fools on April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day

Today is the 1st April aka April fools’ day. The traditional practice of this day is to play some sort of practical joke on someone and making her the “April Fool”.

The pranks performed on this day range from the simple, to the elaborate. Even newsprint and the some websites plays the prank. By the next day, most would own up. And readers would go on their merry way, and have a good laugh over it. Read More…

The American Dream

Sadly it has become the dream of most countries

The modern monetary system, all of us are trapped in it. Visit the website for more info.