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Mosque Destroyed and Burning the Quran

The Custodian of Mecca

In Bahrain, a mosque in the northern town of Bu Quwah was destroyed by Saudi forces and the Quran burnt.


Bahraini massacred

In Libya, Obama sent in the marines, ships, warplanes and cruise missile.

Libya have oil and water.

In Bahrain and Gaza, nothing.

What Bahrain’s police did to peaceful protestors

Bahrain Massacre

Police shoot-to-kill Bahrainis peaceful protest. Graphic video.

Massacre in Bahrain

Hospital is full, doctor pleading for World’s help

The Bahraini military has opened machine-gun fire on protesters who were trying to reach hospital, injuring hundreds, in what appears to be an attempted massacre, medics say.

The Army has prevented ambulances and medics from reaching those wounded amid massive pro-democracy protests in Bahrain, Dr. Ghasam, a resident at Salmaniyeh hospital in Manama, told Press TV on Friday. Read More…