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Message by Obama on #ows

Barack Obama:

I want to be very clear in calling upon the Egyptian American authorities to refrain from any violence against peaceful protesters.

The people of Egypt America have rights that are universal. That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny.

These are human rights. And the United States will stand up for them everywhere. Read More…


What is Truth

Israel war crimes

Truth is elusive

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took to the podium at the U.N. General Assembly Thursday – one day after two American hikers were released from prison in Tehran – to deliver a speech strongly condemning the United States.

Isn’t it time we call a spade, a spade? Which countries causes the most mischief on the planet? Read More…

The Inevitable Destruction of Israel

Sacking of Israel Embassy in Cairo

When will Israel be Destroyed

The total destruction of Israel, something used by the Zionist lobby to bilk the US out of billions for years, is no longer a dream, it is inevitable.

The only question is “when?”  With it a limited world war may emerge with some surprises in store.  Read More…

You don’t know Shit from Shinola

Shit from Shinola

Do you know Shit from Shinola

What does it mean? It’s a phrase that means:

Possessing poor judgment or knowledge.

It’s a colloquialism which dates back to the early 1940s in the United States.

Shinola is a once-popular, now-defunct shoe polish brand, which had a color and texture not unlike feces; the joke in the idiom being that only a stupid person could confuse the two upon more than a passing glance. Read More…

African-Israeli Mercenaries in Libya

Those mercenaries are supplied by Israel.

Graphic video of two dead mercenaries.

Oil in them thar deserts

Take out 7 countries in 5 years

Back in March 2 2007, in an interview with Amy Goodman, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years. Read More…

Bahraini massacred

In Libya, Obama sent in the marines, ships, warplanes and cruise missile.

Libya have oil and water.

In Bahrain and Gaza, nothing.